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A Thank You To The Patriots

16 Apr

If you’ve held a conversation with me for more than 43 seconds it’s likely you’ve heard me talk about how much I love the city of Boston.

Sox Games

Sox Games

Singing Sweet Caroline at Sox games

Singing Sweet Caroline at Sox games

Pats Games

Pats Games

Celtics Games

Celtics Games



4th of July

4th of July

4th of July with Neil Diamond

4th of July with Neil Diamond



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I’m telling you… I love this city.office view

Patriots Day is tied for first on my Favorite Day in Boston List… St. Paddy’s Day, 4th of July are tough to pass up (honorable mention to Opening Day at Fenway and the Santa Speedo Run).  Who would have thought, right??  Patriots Day???

Last Patriots Day I somehow managed to guilt three of my friends into leaving my apartment at 4:45a to watch the Battle of Lexington and Concord reenactment on the Lexington Green… WHERE THE ACTUAL BATTLE TOOK PLACE!!!

They love me, I swear...

They love me, I swear…

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was one of the first battles fought of the Revolutionary War and the Patriots were the guys that fought it.  Who were the Patriots?  Nobodys.  Just a few rough and tough guys that believed in their cause, that believed in freedom, that did not back down and that stood their ground for something that was right.

Anyone that has sat with me at a sporting event has seen me get teary eyed when the National Anthem is sung (because it happens EVERY TIME), and anyone that has watched 4th of July fireworks with me has witnessed the same teary eyed Sarah… America, the freedoms we have, and the people that defend our freedoms get me emotional.  Sue me.

The battle reenactment on Patriots Day was no exception.  I got a liiiiiiiiiittle emotional and have been intending to write this post ever since.

I was standing at the edge of the Lexington Green at 5:00a waiting for the reenactment.  I was trying to contain my excitement as I stood amidst the 200 year old houses surrounding the green that were there when the battle took place and it could just not be done.



Silence came over the crowd as we heard the British Troops marching through Lexington.  Men wearing scrappy colonial clothes started running out of houses armed with one shot rifles and stood in the middle of the green…. And we were standing right there watching!  The British soldiers marched perfectly in sync to the drummer’s beat and approached the green in their perfectly matched, prestine uniforms.  Our ‘troops’ gathered themselves together in the middle of the green, forming a single line the length of the green to express to the British soldiers that they were not welcome… this was going to be AMERICA.

As the British soldiers approached the scraggly Patriot soldiers some of the Patriots fled… after all, death was imminent.  The British soldiers were now just a few yards away and the remaining men stood their ground, trembling in fear.  Rather than shooting the ten or so Patriots blocking their path, the Bristh leader called his troops to stopped marching, stopping within five feet of the faces of the Patriots.  The leader of the British troops yelled at the Patriots to move.  The Patriots stood their ground.

The British soldier yelled two then three more times.  More men fled from the danger of the line into the surrounding woods.  No one knows who fired the first shot, but it appeared to come from one of the houses and thus the battle began, killing most of the Patriots.  The British soldiers continued marching and would later make it to the North Bridge in Concord where “the shot heard ‘round the world” was fired.

There were so many thoughts going through my head at this reenactment that brought me to tears… as I saw the Patriots standing in the line, trembling as the uniformed British soldiers approached, I thought of my friends and [some former] loved ones that are currently serving our country.  I thought of my father and grandfather who served as Marines.  I prayed a prayer of gratitude for the people that have believed so much in freedom that they have fought to protect it.  It led me to ask myself… what do I believe in so much that I would stand in the face of the enemy and be willing to sacrifice my life for? 

As a Christian, the obvious answer should be Christ.  Which led me to ask… am I really willing to sacrifice my life for Christ?  Would I die, or even face danger for that matter, for the cause of Christ?  Ok forget death and danger… would I even be willing to give up my earthly pleasures for the sake of Christ, because often times I don’t.  Do I truly understand the statement I so frequently hear, “Christ died for me?”  Wow. Christ died for me.  These soldiers died for me.  These soldiers died for the cause of freedom, so that we could speak and worship and play and educate and live in a world that is free.  Christ is the true source of freedom and the true source of peace and He endured the wrath of God and died to give it to us.  Saying ‘I was moved’ is quite the understatement… I was completely awestruck.

Yesterday I brought myself back to that moment when I was standing on the Lexington Green and I attempted to sort through my thoughts after the explosions.  I could do nothing but sit at my desk with my head in my hands and cry.  The Boston Marathon has, for the past four years, been my little glimpse of heaven (as I have so proudly expressed) and was shattered by Evil.  By hatred.  By selfishness.  I was brutally reminded that we live in the world and that Satan’s presence exists.  I had to stomach people around me saying things like “the media is making a bigger deal of this than it really is… just two people died.”  Just.  I’m beginning to hate that word.  Say that to the mother of the eight year old boy.  Say that to his second grade classmates and explain to them why there is an empty desk in their classroom.  Say that to the families impacted by the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut… after all, it was “just” one classroom.  Ugh.  I wanted to vomit.

The only thing we can do is remember the pain of this sorrow and move forward.  How do we move forward?  In my attempt to stand for what is right, I have to express that we move forward when we pursue Christ.  We pursue and fight for what is right.  We love those that don’t love us back.  We reset our hearts and minds to the things not of this world, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.  We set our hearts on things above and eagerly await His kingdom come.  We open our eyes and accept that God is a God that loves us and by knowing His love we will better learn to love each other and by loving each other, we change the world.  We have faith that the darkness has been overcome.

To the people in my favorite city and the place my heart calls home – I love you and pray blessings and peace in this time of sorrow.  Let us be reminded of the love that has been shown to us by our Creator and let us spread His love to the people of this world.

Love that dirty water...

Love that dirty water…

Love that dirty water...

Boston you’re my home


An Opportunity to Date Boston’s Most Eligible Bachelor!!

26 Jun

This weekend Colin hosted the ‘7th Annual Rhode Island Getaway’ at his family’s beach house near Narragansett.  Last year was my first year attending and it was awesome – Colin is a great and generous host and everyone always has a good time 🙂  Here’s a great pic from the weekend:

Beach Day at the 7th Annual Rhode Island Getaway

I didn’t think I was going to be able to go on the trip this year until I found out that my buddy, who we loving call ‘Wolfie’, was planning on leaving the city at 9p Friday night – I didn’t get out of work until 7:30p so this was perfect!  He invited me to tag along on his 8p dinner reservations in the North End prefacing that it’d be him and four guys, of which I’m friends with two of them.  Why not?  I could use a nice glass of Italian red wine, homemade pasta, and a few laughs to wind down after a crazy work week.  I walked into the restaurant at 8p on the dot and was more than surprised to see a table of 15 GUYS.  The dinner Wolfie invited me to was in fact a guys’ night out for the birthday of a guy I had never met and even better… Wolfie was nowhere to be found.  Great.

My first instinct was to run out of the restaurant, text Wolfie, say I got caught up at work and just meet him at 9p… but someone had already spotted me.  Something about wearing a baby blue mini skirt and a loud floral print shirt made it a little difficult to blend in?  Hmmm. weird.  I told myself  ‘play it cool, Sarah.  Just. Be. Cool.’ and casually walked up to the 15 person man table.  I approached the only two people I knew at the table and simultaneously tapped both of them on the shoulder.  They turned around and their speechless shock quickly turned into laughter after about .41 seconds followed by a “Whhhhhat are you doing here?!?!”  I did what any normal person would do and slowly backed myself into a corner.  Quite literally.

After being offered the open chair in the smack dab middle of the table, I made the executive decision to politely decline the invitation and grab dinner and a glass of wine on my own.  As I left, I quickly accepted the fact that this was going to put us a little behind our 9p ETD to the Rhode Island Getaway.  I honestly didn’t mind too much – I love, appreciate and respect guy time probably more than they do so I found a somewhat empty pizza place and sat myself down at the bar and ordered my first drink.

All was fine and well until 3 HOURS (and 4 beers) later when I received a text from Wolfie: “Change of plans.  You are coming with me to the bachelor show tryouts tmrw, then we go to rhode island.  Deal?” 

No deal.

Lord have mercy on his sweet baby face when he showed up to my bar at 11p to plead his case.  The plea included a newspaper clipping for evidence, shaking his clasped hands in front of my folded arms for dramatic effect, the phrase “eeeeeeveryone says I should do it” for teenage soap opera effect, there may or may not have been a single tear… I guess you could say he pretty much did everything short of getting down on his hands and knees and begging.  Stone Cold Sarah (with the help of my new BFF bartender) ruled against all his pleas.  Verdict: Rhode Island Getaway.  Stat. 

When we made it to the car, he shifted his strategy from logistics to emotions and pursued an alternative verdict by telling me I was causing him to “miss his only opportunity to find true love.” I could not even formulate words to create a response, so I punched him.  Repeatedly.  Because that’s how I solve my problems.

For fear of his life, he made his best effort to change the subject and I made my best effort to let it go.  The remaining hour or so in the car was pretty normal and we just talked about fun, normal things.  We ended up getting to Colin’s house around 1a and had a super fun night 🙂

The next morning we were all sitting around eating breakfast and Wolfie decided to take his case, Wolfie vs. The Bachelor Tryouts, to the grand jury (aka our friends).  The trial in front of the grand jury went on for the better half of 15 minutes and the final verdict was unanimous… he should go to The Bachelor tryouts.  Wolfie was ultimately satisfied with the verdict and everyone let it settle for a minute until one of the male members of the jury said “Wait do you mean be the one guy with all the girls??? Oh yeah – you totally don’t have a chance.”  This was the curveball that no one was expecting which sparked an entirely new discussion.  Voices raised, muffins were thrown, exes showed up as witnesses, LOUD NOISES!!!! … it got messy.  Wolfie decided not end up going because a) no one would go with him, and b) he didn’t have anything to wear. 

As my apology to Wolfie for being the cause of this missed opportunity, I hereby dedicate this blog post to helping Wolfie find true love and hereby dub him as The Most Eligible Bachelor in Boston.  I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that I wouldn’t do this for just anyone. 

If you’d like an opportunity to date this bachelor, please send your bio with a picture and why you think you would be a good match to s.iverson08@gmail.com  Serious inquiries only, please.

~Meet Boston’s Most Eligible Bachelor ~

yes ladies, he’s single

Age:  27
Occupation:  Investment Analyst
Favorite color:  Green.  I never realized how that sounds when placed immediately after my answer to occupation.  
Hobbies:  I’m mainstream.  I enjoy running, cycling, yoga (really), and going to the gym on a regular basis (3-4 times per week).  When in season, (like as a weekend trip) I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving, or traveling somewhere.  Say, Newport RI to see the mansions, or the Boston Harbor Islands, or Gloucester.  I like to do things. 
Perfect date that he would take you on: Check this out.  A perfect date would go in this order.  Of course, this “perfect date” could end after any of these activities and be a solid day, but a home run would be meeting someone with whom I enjoyed myself enough to want to continue (and vice versa, obvi).  It would go like this.  Saturday morning.  Meet for coffee.  Intro’s and get to know.  Volunteer somewhere through the morning.  Head out to lunch.  Go for a short hike, walk, or (insert local activity here).  Take a timeout for down time.  Yup.  Go out for drinks and dinner on the town.  Not Denny’s, and not Top of the Hub.  Closer to the latter.  Maybe Maggianos Italian Restaurant, or the Beehive Club in the South End.  Perhaps most importantly, this dinner would roll into a night activity.  I would want the date to choose from a few select options, which would include;  Staying at said restaurant for live music of any kind.  Michael Buble concert.  Hitting the Havanna Club (or taking Salsa lessons).  Jamie Cullum concert.  Karaoke.  Going to my place for a move.  I like movies, I hate TV.  
Ideal woman:  
 Traits she should have…
(1) Personality.  Please have one.  Of course we will find out if our personalities are compatible.  But, be someone!  
(2) Intelligence.  Have an opinion on life.  Be ready to debate it.
(3) Beauty.  Yes, on the inside, too.  At least I’m honest.  🙂
(4) Traditional Values.  I’ll know it when I see it.  Also, if she is an INTJ or INFJ on the Myers Briggs Personality Test, have her reach out.  I’m an ENFP and we are supposedly a good match.  I typically pair up well with someone who is a planner, forward-thinking, organized, and independent.  
Describe yourself in one sentence:  An “ENFP” or “Champion / motivator” type, who is quick to excitement and boredom.  In a word, Tigger.
There it is!! I look forward to your submissions!
Wolfie – don’t you worry, I got your back on this 😉

Burb Dwellers vs. City Slickers

16 Feb

A few weeks ago I received the greatest compliment of my life.  I was wearing a LBD (‘little black dress’ for those of you that don’t do Cosmo-speak) and a girl said “You are so tiny – are you wearing Spanx?”  I will never forget those words.  I have held on to them and repeat them to myself daily.  Was I in fact wearing Spanx??  Irrelevant.  Should I do the college girl thing and write those words on my mirror next to my favorite Bible scriptures?  Considered it (and no… I’m 25).

Men: my apologies for making you endure the above paragraph.  Moving on.

I received a compliment this week that might top the Spanx one (if you can believe it) …  I was going on one of my rants and when I finally stopped to take a breath; I sat in silence for two seconds (embarrassed) and prepped myself to hear the… “so anyways…” response that is typically received after my rants.  I was completely and utterly shocked as my friend ended the 2.3 seconds of silence and said: “Will you please blog about this?” WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So if you’re sick of me blogging, my apologies but this one is not my fault 🙂

As for my rant….

Let it be known that I know better than to compare Boston and NYC, but something they have in common is that they both get a bad rap for people being rude.  This absolutely drives me nuts.  People in these cities are incredibly nice, genuine people… so where does this bad rap come from?  I’ll tell you… it comes from the ‘Burb Dwellers’ (BD) that visit our cities for a day or two, get yelled at a couple of times by the ‘City Slickers’ (CS) and then go back and tell their family and friends how rude the people are.  People that live here are not rude… we’re only rude to tourists that invade takeover come into our city with no consideration of us and I would even go so far as to suggest that people from The Burbs are in fact much more rude than people in our cities.  Walk with me.

For those of you in The Burbs, or even other cities for that matter: what do you do when the car ahead of you is driving 10 mph under the speed limit?  You get frustrated and you go around them, right?  Perhaps you speed past and perhaps you look at the driver to make sure they know they’re being an idiot…. oh good gracious, they’re texting.  And eating.  And buttoning their shirt.  And changing the radio station.  And leaning over to get something out of their purse…. “what a moron!!” you say as you drive by.  CS’s generally walk everywhere and are not driving cars with windows that shield others from the comment(s) they say as they pass.  So if a BD is doing something that’s disrupting the flow of traffic on the city sidewalks it’s likely that they’re going to hear about it.

Which leads me to: What causes the CS to be rude to a BD?  I’d say the answer lies in defining ‘rude’

We’ll start with the pace of the city is inherently faster.   Think about it – when there are more people in a smaller space, things are expected to move a little quicker to maintain an agreeable pace.  To my BD friends – remember of the episode of Seinfeld with the Soup Nazi?  If someone didn’t know what they want to order, he would yell “NO SOUP FOR YOU! NEXT!”  Rude, right?  But then think about having to stand in line for 45 minutes of your lunch hour to order soup.  Believe it or not, small talk in this situation is down right rude and if you’re going to stand there twirling your hair, smiling, asking everyone about their day and expect the whole world to be thankful that you graced them with your presence… then NO SOUP FOR YOU! NEXT!  The “Soup Nazi” (or CS, if you will) is not intending to be rude; he is extending a courtesy to everyone that is having to share the same time/space. 

Space.  For the CS who spends all their time in the city, you’ll notice that they value their personal space a lot because they rarely get it.  Let’s be real – there are a number of other ways I would rather spend my evening commute than being crammed in a subway car with my face smashed in the armpit of a half clothed member of Hare Krishna.  Since a CS is faced (or in my case… armpit in the faced) with people constantly infringing on their physical personal space, a CS places an even higher value on their implied personal space. 

Implied personal space.  To my BDs out there: I am referring to eye contact and small talk.  A CS will likely avoid eye contact with others because either a) that eye was just jammed in an armpit or b) it’s their way of coping with not having physical space.  This does not make a CS rude.  If a CS were to engage with every person they encountered in a day, well… it’s just too much!  The attempted friendliness from a BD infringes on the physical space that the CS never gets AND the implied personal space the CS desires.  Rude in this case is denying the CS both of those things.  There is a social awareness that needs to be understood before attempting to overthrow the accepted rules of personal space.

Social awareness.  The thing that tends to get to me the most and happens to also be a great example of the overarching difference between a CS and a BD is escalators… proper form: stand on the right, walk on the left.  The CS is aware of other peoples’ existence and will likely abide by escalator etiquitte.  The BD on the other hand lives in their own world where everything revolves around them and 9 times out of 10 will either stand on the left and/or try and walk on the right.  The CS in me has had to hold my tongue on escalators in shopping malls and airports when being submerged into BD territory – their turf… not mine.

Turf.  If you’re stepping onto someone else’s turf, your rules don’t apply… *eye roll* tourists.  I remember when I first moved here I stepped on a subway car immediately as the doors open.  A man walking off the subway (rather loudly and in my general direction) said, “YOU HAVE TO LET PEOPLE OFF BEFORE YOU GO GETTIN ON!  WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”  He was absolutely right, and ya know what…??  I have yet to make that mistake again because it’s a courtesy CS’s extend to each other to maintain the movement of the city.

So that’s my rant.  I’ve love that I’ve become part of this culture.  I love genuine and very intentional conversations.  I love understanding the rules of the city so that I can lovingly break them and develop relationships with people I don’t know or may never see again.  I hope that if I ever become a BD, that I will maintain my CS awareness by being conscience and aware of the people around me.  And more than anything I look forward to the day that I am taller than 5’5″ (aka… general armpit height) and don’t have to spend my commute under the arm of every person that forgets to wear deoderant.

::End Rant::

Visito[u]r Guide: Boston, MA

6 Feb

Yesterday while I was entertaining Bostonians with my killer dance moves on Storrow Drive I had that feeling of nostalgia remembering how much I love this city. 


I was taking a walk along the Esplanade and as I was crossing Storrow Drive on the footbridge, I realized how weeeeeird it feels to be standing directly over a car that is going 50+ mph.  I’ve probably walked on these footbridges at least 23043259 times in the three and a half years that I’ve lived here and somehow it had never occurred to me that this is AWESOME.  I got excited.  So then I started walking in slow motion…  then backwards… then forward… added a moonwalk and realized that people driving under the bridge were smile-pointing at me.  Lord knows I should not be encouraged….because the next thing you know I’m dancing.  Obnoxiously.  My moves were obviously killer because everyone driving under me was laughing/smiling/honking/pointing/thumbs-upping/waving/dancing… etc.  That means they love me, right??  This went on for about twenty minutes until I realized that 1. it was freezing  2. my friend was waiting for me to actually cross the bridge (ie: not dance) 3. I had been spilling my $14 peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks all over myself and most importantly #4. I’m not half as hilarious as I think I am.  I LOVE YOU BOSTON!

That said – this really is an amazing city.  Last year I (very literally) spent 27 hours creating a PowerPoint for The Mullet Reunion Weekend (three of my best girl friends’/college housemates’ annual get-together) of things we could do while they were here; this PowerPoint has now become a template for all my visitors, and I’ve even had friends here use it for their visitors! (I need to start charging for that thing)  So here’s some free advice for things to do in Boston if you’re visiting, or live here and are bored with your life, or are trying to stalk me (please don’t stalk me).

  • The Obvious “Must Sees” and historic sites – most of which can be seen on the Freedom Trail
  • Favorite walks around the city
    • Esplanade (noun: ess-pluh-nod) – paved walking/running/biking/rollerblading path along the Charles River.  Quite possibly my number one favorite thing about this city.  Stop on the Mass Ave bridge for a great view of the Boston skyline
    • Comm Ave Mall – gorgeous in all seasons.  Dec –Feb they light ALL the trees with white lights and it’s soooo beautiful.  In the spring there are these huge crazy awesome pink  Magnolia trees, and fall – well it’s Boston, everything is gorgeous in the fall… and the brownstones along the way are ridiculously beautiful too
    • Jamaica Pond/Riverway – good if you feel the need to get out of the city without driving; a little gem I found not too far from my apt
    • Fens – used to take Dude here all the time after work; gorgeous in the fall and a little bit of a shorter walk.  Another gem that not a lot of people take advantage of!  ::Disclaimer:: DO NOT GO HERE AT NIGHT.
    • Public Garden/Boston Common – DOI!  Great for people watching too.
    • Forest Hills Cemetery – it IS in fact a cemetery and I generally would not go to a cemetery, but this place is BEAAAAUTIFUL!  Again, great if you feel like getting out of the city but don’t want to drive.
    • Arboretum – HUGE area with tons of walking trails.  Generally pretty packed with people/strollers, but really pretty.  Also provides a great view of the Boston skyline if you go to the end of the park and go up the ginormous hill.
    • Blue Hills Reservation – great walking trails, especially gorgeous in the fall.  I once got lost for 3 hours in there because we were pretending the leaves that were falling were bombs so we tried to run after them and catch them before they hit the ground in order to save the world.  DUH.  All fun and games until we realized we were off the trails and had no idea where we were… whoops.
    • Amory Park – small local park, so I guess not really a “walk” BUT! you can catch little league games here and play with cute cute cute puppies.
    • Memorial Drive shuts down on Sundays making for a great walk on the other side of the river, near Harvard.  Don’t recommend rollerblading there… FYI.
  • Coffee Shops
  • Breakfast Spots
    • Zaftigs – Jewish style deli.  Great food.  HUGE portions.
    • Busy Bee – comical service.  Cheap and divey – don’t go expecting to linger and drink your coffee, you will be kicked out.  Lots of charm and the best TRUE diner I’ve found here
    • Friendly Toast – Great food.  HUGE portions.
    • Paramount –Great omelettes
    • Mckay’s – Irish place with a huge/cheap breakfast sandwich and homefries.  Most of the wait staff are Irish which makes everything more fun AND it’s across the street from John Quincy Adams’ birthplace…. pretty awesome if you ask me.  I lived around the corner from this place when I first moved to the city and they saw A LOT of me.
    • Martin’s Coffee Shop – great little diner close to my apartment.
    • Stuart Street Grill – across from my office.  They have great breakfast sandwiches that are made to order and super cheapt; this place is a hidden gem for the local workers
    • Make sure and checkout Phantom Gourmet for good food – breakfast, lunch, dessert, dinner… ANYTHING!  They’re great and I love their “hidden gems”
  • Burrito Spots – the California in me had to include this as its own sub point.  I even ranked them for you:
    • #1 – El Pelon – My roommate introduced me to the super burrito.  Try it immediately
    • #2 – Villa Mexico (aka Grandys gas station) – Although in a gas station, this place is MOOOONEY and the woman (owner?) calls you ‘my friend’ making standing in a gas station convenience store totally worth it.  AAHHH that’s her on the front page of the website!! So cute.
    • #3 – Viva Burrito – great if you’re heading to The Garden for a Celtics/Bruins game; quality meets quantity at an extremely reasonable price.  Plenty of seating too.
    • #4 – Backbay Station burrito cart – don’t let the cart food fool you, SO GOOD and Mario and Luigi work there.  Stop by sometime… you’ll see what I mean.
    • #5 – Boloco – I love this place and eat here a ton, but I ranked it fifth because it’s more of a wrap place than an actual burrito place.  That said, their Summer burrito with white chicken is totes delish and I have yet to get anything else on the menu.
    • #6 – Boca Grande (tied for 6th) – decent burritos, but not my fave… pretty much Anna’s
    • #6 – Anna’s Taqueria (tied for 6th) – decent burritos but extremely overrated but they’re all over the city so good to get your fix in if you’re in a bind
    • #8 – Burritos Express – not that great, but had to be included in my ‘best of’ list because if you get the special they pay you $0.15 to take a can of soda… meaning the burrito special (soda included) is cheaper than a lone burrito… something tells me this place won’t be around long
  • Favorite Bars/Pubs/Drinks
    • Cornwalls – my old homebar where everybody knows your name… literally.  It’s a family run pub and if you go one time they’ll at the very least remember your drink order – the Cheers vibe is definitely what keeps you going back.  Or maybe it’s the local brews on tap.  Or the board games.  Or the bartenders.  Or the Cali Burger (my favorite burger in the city).  We may never know, but I’ll continue to go back until I find out!
    • Coolidge Corner Clubhouse – slowly becoming my new home bar; lots of beer on tap and locals only/minimal college students.
    • Post390 – my favorite cucumber cocktail in the city
    • Eastern Standard – love ALL their cocktails
  • Live Bar Music
    • Wally’s (jazz) – went for the first time this weekend and loved the hole-in-the-wall, low-key, exposed brick, underground vibe
    • Beehive – food here is a little over priced, but pretty decent… music is allllllways good
    • All Asia – the dive bar of all dive bars…  they have pretty decent local musicians and there’s never aaaaanyone there; support your local music!  Also important to note – this is where I first became friends with The Compass Rose; love you guys!
    • Courtside Karaoke – “music” might be pushing it, and it’s a horrible dive in east Cambridge (read: unsafe) and they have a claw machine with porn instead of stuffed animals… but both times I’ve been I’ve had the best time ever.  To quote Brittany: “It’s like I have my own personal Aretha Franklin”
    • O’Learys – tiny tiny bar with older guys that just like to jam.  More of a weeknight-need-to-get-out-of-the-apt-but-don’t-feel-like-dressing-up spot.  Not worth going if you have to travel more than 15 minutes to get there.
    • Green Briar – a little out there, but a good scene balance of going out but staying low-key.  Not worth the drive, but if you’re nearby you should stop in… definitely a good time.
  • Favorite Dance Spots
    • Bell in Hand – yeah, yeah… I know it’s ridiculous, but I have yet to have a bad time here.
    • Clery’s – good if you’re not feeling the Faneuil scene but still wanting (needing) to dance
    • An Tua Nua – horrible place where your feet stick to the floor and at least half of the people there used a fake id to get in, but for some reason my friends go here a lot and it’s aaaaaaalways a good time.. no joke!
    • Wednesday nights at MIT – Swing dancing!  I’m a horrible dancer and I only went one time but had a blaaaaaast!!  Everyone there is so good and willing to teach you awesome moves and twirl you around as much as your little heart desires.
  • Churches
    • Park Street Church – my home Church and an awesome place for people in their 20’s looking for community.  Highly educated pastors that aren’t afraid to tackle tough issues and guide you through the issues using scripture.
    • Reunion Church – awesome community and an incredible pastor with really inspiring sermons
    • Hope Fellowship – haven’t made it out there for a service, but I know a lot of really awesome people that go there, so I can only imagine it’s great
    • Unite Boston – great way to get plugged in to the Christian community in Boston and see events going on at aaaalllll the churches
  • Sports Leagues
    • Social Boston Sports – great/afforadable way to play the sports you love with people you’ve never met.  Super social and good competition without going over the top.
    • Boston Ski and Sports Club – pricey and pretty hardcore; I’m about to start playing in their volleyball league because me and my vball friends (that I met at SBS) have outgrown the SBS league and won the championship at least twice… haha… hopefully we survive in this league!!!
    • Monday nights there’s a good crew that gets together and plays ultimate.  Sadly I haven’t played in over a year, but still sending my love!  They used to play at the Hatch Shell and now are in Cambridge at MIT, but maybe will move back to the Hatch Shell once it starts staying light out past 5pm

So there you have it!  Some of my favorite spots around the city and things to do.  If you live here, or have ever visited… please feel free to add your favorites too.  This place is incredible.


Sarah “I’m quitting my day job to write travel guides” Iverson

P.s. The pictures below are mostly from my phone… you should probably come visit and take better pictures for me 🙂

Creature(s?) of the Night

7 Nov

This morning my Metro News guy changed his typical “I love your dimples – let me see those dimples” routine into a marriage proposal.  Which was then followed by… “Naaaah you’re probably already married.  Are you married??”  Nope.  “You’re single???”  Run awayyyyy!!!!!

Now accepting applications for fake boyfriends.  My only requirement is to meet me in front of the Copley T stop at least once a week, and maybe throw in a Starbucks every now and again, OBO.  All inquiries will be considered.

But let’s talk about the moocher that’s been coming to our apt this past week.   The Mouse.

This city is known for having mice problems, but in the three years I’ve lived here, and five (5) apartments I’ve lived in… I have yet to see one in any of my living spaces. This may come as a shock to some people, but I’d go ahead and call it normal.  Mice are NOT normal.

I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past two weeks because I’m sick – and when I’m’ sick I sleep on the couch (it’s weird, ask me in person.. not worth taking up blog space).  Every night I’ve woken up and seen a shadow go across the living room floor along the baseboards.  In my sleepy stupor, I figured it was a shadow produced by the headlights of cars driving by and would go back to sleep.  Until Thursday.

Last Thursday, I accidentally fell asleep with the light and the tv on, so around 2:30a I woke up to turn them off.  When I sat up, there across the room stood a little gray mouse… frozen in terror, staring at me.  At the first lift of a finger, the mouse scurried behind the radiator.  AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  I texted both of my roommates I JUST SAW A MOUSE IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!! WHAT DO I DO!?!??!?!  (all caps because I was trying not to scream… and that’s how you scream in a text, right?  It was the next best outlet).  I gave myself a minute and then thought… alright, you overreacted just a little bit, but it’s ok.  He saw you, you’re bigger than him, he’s freaked out, he’s gone.  I got up turned the TV off.  Light off.  Head to pillow.

It could not have been more than thirty seconds later and that little intruder CAME BACK.  Ballsy if you ask me.  It ran across the living room floor along the baseboards — aka the “shadow” I had been seeing for the past week.  Oh HAAAAIL no.  I screamed  aloud this time, and did the tiptoe dance on the sofa.  2a.  nbd.

Every day Mal and I are more and more thankful that we have a male roommate and this night was no exception.  I bolted to his room and repeatedly tapped on his door while opening it and in a panicked whisper-voice said “Jeff, are you awake????”  Before he could answer, I had already jumped in his bed and gotten under the covers… poor guy can’t even get a good night’s sleep with us girls!  In an effort to console me, he decided to share all these mice horror stories, how this is totally normal, and how there’s probably a whole family living in our walls.  Thanks male roommate.  This does not console me; I didn’t fall asleep until after 5a and had to be at my desk at 7a Friday morning.  Great day.

Now onto our new project: catching our moocher.  I’ve always been terrified of bugs, but even moreso of killing bugs; if I kill it, all its friends are going to find out and attack me while I’m in the shower.  Call me irrational, but I attribute this fear to the Goosebumps book by R.L. Stine I read in third grade Go Eat Worms where the kid is attacked by millions of worms in the shower… what can I say, I have a vivid imagination.  Ever since reading that book, if I saw a bug or spider in the house I would cover it with a coffee mug and leave it for my dad to kill when he came home from work.  Note: coffee mugs are heavy enough to make it nearly impossible for the bug to move and/or escape…  although if the size/strength of the bug was ever in question I would just go ahead and put a textbook on top of the coffee mug for safe measure.  You may think I’m being ridiculous, but then I’d just say – you’ve never lived in West Texas… those cockroaches are not a joke! (I just had to itch my head after writing that.  GROSS).

So what do I do with this mouse?!?!?  If bugs are going to creep into my shower and attack me, I don’t even want to know the capabilities this mouse has with its army of friends/family.  Will they have weapons?? Plus, I don’t think I’m fast enough to catch this thing in a coffee mug.. and if I did, I wouldn’t even know what to do with it!!  Saturday morning I did the right thing and got a couple of mousetraps and a sticky-glue-mousetrap-box (official name).

I put together the sticky-glue-mousetrap-box no problem… but had to recruit Mal to help me set the traps.  For the record: directions to setting a mousetrap should not include technical names when said mousetrap consists of three working parts.  I’m sorry, but “Bow,” “Bait Pedal” and “Locking Bar” ?!?!  Better names would have been Snapper, Skinny Stick and Stick With Holes.  We had to go so far as to make bets with ourselves to encourage productivity!  So after a solid half hour of trying to interpret these instructions and working up an extreme amount frustration (don’t worry – we are still making fun of ourselves for this), Mal produced what looked to be a set trap… and I now owe her a drink.

If you think setting the trap was an ordeal, testing it was almost just as much of one.  We started by recognizing that this tiny little trap could in fact cause a lot of physical and emotional harm to us.  We then looked for an object in which to test our trap-setting-skills.  I took the straw out of Mal’s drink and handed it to her.  Mal then proceeded to put her body as far away from the trap as humanly possible and lightly poke at the trap with her straw; she was poking the sides of the wood block… not even remotely close to the Snapper.  We continued to make fun of us, and I decided to give it a try.  I used the straw to tap the “Bait Pedal,” or at least what we believe to be the “Bait Pedal” (the probability I’m using the right term is 33.3%) and nothing.  I got closer and tapped harder.  I started tapping the Skinny Stick and even the Stick With Holes!! I started pounding our straw across the entire thing and NOTHING!  This definitely proved to be more complicated than my coffee mug traps.  Finally in a fit of frustration and rapidly pounding/hitting/tapping all over the entire trap with the straw, the thing set off.

our supplies

We decided we may not have figured out how to appropriately set the trap but never fear, Mego stopped by later and taught us (we were so close!!).  We now have three traps out and ready for the little guy.

Game on moocher – you just try and scamper across my living room floor again.  Oh… and tell your friends.

Top Ten Moments in the History of (my experience with) Boston Sports!

19 Sep

This morning I got on the T and looked out the window only to see three Storm Troopers.  The Storm Troopers were in fact lamp posts.  I need more sleep.

Back to reality… my most recent life accomplishment:  I have gone to games for all of the professional sports teams in Boston!!!!  It is an amazing feeling 🙂 Walk with me as we take a look at the journey…

It all started in October of 2008 when the Sox were in the playoffs.  I had arrived in Boston two weeks prior and was trying to get a feel for what it was going to be like living in this city… by that, I mean will the blisters on my feet ever heal from walking everywhere in heels???  Do people in this city every stop drinking??  Are Boston sports fans really that intense?  What is wrong with these people pronouncing their R’s?? (Yes. No. Yes.  No one will ever know)  I would walk home and every living room and/or bar was filled with people decked out in Sox gear cheering/awww’ing after every pitch.  It was pretty cool to see, but I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of “Red Sox Nation”

The Sox were knocked out of the playoffs that year, which focused the attention of the city onto the Celtics.  OOOHHHHHHH the Celtics.  I went to my first game in November ’08 with my brother while he was in town visiting for Thanksgiving.  Although neither of us were fans of basketball (at all), we are both pretty big sports fans that enjoy attending (most) sporting events.  After a hilarious attempt at scalping, we managed to get tickets on the third level… my life was changed that night.  I had been to a Mavs game and college and found in horrendously boring (personal apologies to Brenna and Beth, but seriously… what venue plays music WHILE the game is going on?!)  Based on that one and only experience with the NBA, it’s safe to say that my expectations for a Celtics home game was extremely low.  Until that crew walked out on the court…  Ray Ray.  Eddie House.  Scal.  KG.  Big Baby.  ROOONDOOOOOOO!!!!  The crowd went nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts.  DJ and I literally looked at each other and busted out laughing at how ridiculous this crowd was!  An entire stadium of green, prompted by a noise-0-meter on the big screen gauging the noise as “wicked loud” made for a true Boston sports experience.  We went on to watch and AMAZING game, see the most insanely Boston-esque people on the big screen, and danced alongside Gino when prompted.  That season I went to 10+ games and absolutely fell in love with the team.  Specifically Rajon Rondo and of course Scalabrine.

First game - November 2008

Most recent game - Playoffs 2011!

Fast forward to 2009 and to what has now become my favorite week of the year… the first week in April: NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs and opening day at Fenway.  Not a lot of cities get to experience this!!  It’s a great time in the city 🙂  So the first April I lived here, a couple of my girlfriends and I got tickets for Game 2 to the Sox game… didn’t waste any time!  I walked in the stadium and immediately felt a flood come over me… this stadium is 97 YEARS OLD!  I walked up the ramp to head towards my bleacher seat, and as I stood at the base of the stadium in center field under the lights, I literally got teary eyed.  The game was absolutely FREEZING, but sitting next to a group of men that were construction workers by day and hockey refs by night… it was well worth it.  That coupled with an entire stadium of people singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ could not have made for a better Fenway experience.  I can’t even count how many games I’ve gone to since 🙂

Bruins.  Stanley Cup champs… word.  I’m proud to say my first Bruins game was this season against their long-time rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Again, it was awesome.  We witnessed some brutal fights and of course some crazy fans… I had a BLAST!  I would have gone sooner but 1. tickets are pretty pricey 2. I don’t really know anything about hockey and 3. I honestly feel guilt taking a seat in the arena when some kid is probably crying at home because the game was sold out.  I love it and appreciate the sport sooooooo much but will prob just stick to making sure I know the score of the game for office conversation.

Pats.  Not going to lie, I did laugh after the 2008 Superbowl went the Pats ended their season at 18-1.  Please forgive me Tom.  Yesterday I went to my first Pats game.. and my first NFL game since high school.  I completely forgot how much fun it is!  I’ve always loved watching football and would make sure to catch highlights on ESPN, but never really followed.  But yesterday was a great game, great fans, great (and extremely attractive) quarterback who I hope to see walking around Back Bay at some point in my life… maybe invite him out for coffee, who knows.  Congrats on 517 😉

I’ve even been to a Revolution soccer game, but soccer.  Meh.  After the Revolution game they had two Mexican teams play… and I got way more into that!!  Green vs. Yellow is all I remember… and laughing hysterically at the amazing homemade noise makers the fans brought to the game!!  Team Tractor!

Before I move onto my top ten list.. I feel the need to clarify that I am, and always will be an Astros fan.  Always.  And also that I feel completely ok with going to games and being excited about Boston sports… I love this city and I love its passion for their teams!  What other city will boo their own team when they make a mistake… it’s tough love, and I love it.  I will however claim to be a Celtics fan… I never even liked bball before and the Celtics/fans single-handedly made me a true lover of basketball.

My brother, in his sports wisdom, has created a rule that I have adopted with regards to calling the hometown team your  hometown team: you have to spend at least one full season in the city before you can call it your team.  Welp… 3 years later I will proudly say that Boston has become the city of my home teams 🙂 Does that mean I claim to know all the stats of every player?  Absolutely not.  Does it mean I get to participate in the successes and groanings of the city?  Absolutely yes.  Are we good now?

So there’s the timeline and my soapbox… now onto my top-ten list of favorite Sarah-in-Boston sports highlights:

10. Bruins Fight – these guys were straight up BOXING on the ice for at least two minutes.. and it happened to be the first game some crazy important MapleLeaf’s player was back after being knocked out by a Bruins player.  INTENSE.  I literally hid behind Chuck because it scared me to watch… from the third level…

9. Box Seats – I’ve gotten to go to a few Celtics games in the box seats through my old firm I worked for… AMAZING.   Since working at my current firm, I have gone to one Sox game in the box… looking forward to more of those!!

8. Sox/Yankees game – my first Sox/Yankees game also happened to be my first game at Fenway.  As I walked in the stadium before the game started, before I even got to my seats… two police officers were escorting a man out of the park that decked out in Yankees gear, stammering drunk saying ‘i didn’t start it.  i swear i didn’t start it’ … you wore Yankees gear in Fenway.  You started it.  The entire game was spent chanting “Yankees Suck!  Yankees Suck!”  Crude, but hilarious.

7. Celtics Playoffs – also my first experience at a playoff game EVER!  SOOOOOOO MUUUUUCH FUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!  We didn’t make it out of the series, but I got to go to the first home game and we won… so I’ll take it 🙂

6. Tom Brady’s Phone Number – the firm I used to work for was a private wealth management firm and all of the clients we had were ranked on the Forbes’ Top 500 Richest People in the World.  That said, they have some pull with the Boston sports teams to say the least, and I may or may not have happened to snag Tom Brady’s cell number off of one of their appointment books… hahaha I had it on a post-it note on my fridge for a while, but decided to remove it for fear of losing my job.  But I can say at one point in my life I did in fact have his number 😉  Lookout Jazelle

5. Gino (pronounced: gee-no) – I have no idea where this guy came from, or why he’s shown on the big screen at the Garden, but he is hilarious and makes Celtics fans go nuts.  Mad love to Gino.

4. Nomar Jersey – I went on a date with this guy I had been out with just a handful of times and he took me to a Sox game.  We had both come straight from work, so looked a little ridiculous in our business attire, but were excited for the game.  He was a Boston local and since they were playing the A’s that night… he was also apparently excited to see Nomar Garciaparra… so much so, that he cared his Nomar Sox jersey into the stadium in a plastic grocery sack.  We got to the game early and walked around the stadium when he noticed Nomar was near the dugout signing autographs.  Without any explanation, he said “I’ll be right back” and started hopping over chairs and pushing innocent children out of the way… for Nomar’s autograph.  When he got the autograph, he proudly turned around and waved the jersey at me, looking much like the 10 year old that was standing next to him, except in business clothes.  Classic moment.  I learned how to say “Hit a homah Nomah!!” that night!

3. Ice-Cream at the Pats Game – at the Pats game yesterday, Mark decided to get an ice-cream cone, because what 30 year old guy doesn’t get an ice cream cone at the game…?? We were sitting on a row of intense, very large, very manly Pats fans that we could hardly understand through their accents… as Mark excused himself past these gruff men with his ice cream, they heckle him.  The man on the end of the row literally stood up and shouted “Ice Cream?! Where does this guy think he is… a Sox game?!?!”  laughter ensued.

2. Ray Allen at The W – we were out for my friend Megan’s bday (within a week of Ray Allen breaking the all-time three point record, mind you) and who walks in but Ray Allen.  I was less than 10ft away from him and his body guard, standing between two of my guy friends.  I look over, make eye contact with Ray Ray and for SOME REASON STARTED DOING THE PUNCHING BAG FIST PUMP… all the while chanting WHOO!! WHOO!!! WHOO!! WHOO!!!!  Ray Allen was unimpressed and  immediately taken away by his body guards.  I guess normal people would casually approach and ask for an autograph, but me?  Excitement could not be contained.  Thus the speed bag fist pump.

1. Sweet Caroline – my number one all-time favorite Boston sports moment.  Thankfully I can experience it as much as I want.  When I lived within walking distance of the stadium, I would have the game on in the living room and when the 8th inning started I’d grab Dude and head down to hear the crowd sing it from outside the stadium.  Moments like that make me remember that I’m really here and I really made it.

Your turn!  Top Ten lists are so much fun 🙂

Updates! (and insight into what my life has come to)

9 Sep

So I’m enjoying blogging in the nerdiest way – and I could be wrong, but it seems that we’re developing mutual feelings here… of course it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve misjudged that… (I just sincerely hope you don’t stop reading based on a “gut feeling” … nm…) But with over 2,500 views I’d like to say “thanks!” and I’m sorry you’ve been that bored and/or find entertainment in my life!  Haha but let’s be real, for all I know my mom is just logging on every five minutes completely skewing my “number of views.”  Thanks mom.  Regardless, it’s been fun writing these things down… after having a good catchup sesh with Sarah Norte, she suggested I write a “black book blog” and I’m seriously considering it.  More on that later.

Anyways – I thought this would be a good opportunity to provide an update for you on a few of my previous posts:

I am no longer looking forward to The Year of 25 which coincidentally started my blogging phase.  It sucks – bring back 24!! This is largely in part to one of the major life events I’ve endured – relive it here – we all know you want to (seriously… that post has been the most popular according to the site stats… you sick, sick people! haha)

Since my post about the fingerless waitress (click here to read), I have seen more dismembered limbs than I can count.  Am I cursed?  Two people in one week without arms.  A freaking PIGEON missing a foot… walking around on its little nub.  No lie.  A post from my hilarious cousin-in-law experiencing something similar, with a WAY better response to the awkwardness:  We may have started a war with Great Britain (also a great blog if you need extra reading material!)

A week or so after my adventure post, I catch a glimpse of three strangers (separate times and places.. no affiliations) reading that god-awful book (obviously there’s a backstory with that book that I’m choosing not to share).  I swear it’s taken everything inside me to stay off my soapbox in my interactions with them… aaaahhhhhhh

Onto the good: I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time seeing old friends in Seattle a few weeks back while we remembered the 5 year anniversary of my dad’s passing – my own dad memories posted here.  Thanks to everyone at home for being such a great family to me and really just for being present and active in my life 🙂  I feel like I got to clear my head and reset my ‘life’ button ❤ Here’s a picture of the tree we planted at our church as a memorial for my dad:

FEFD Update:  I still have it… BUT I finally got to be reunited with the father/son going to school today and there is now a second son!! Starting kindergarten!!A kindergartener!!! With bed head riding (driving?) a razor scooter!!! YYYYEEESSSS.  Having an extra jolt of inspiration and a kick in my step inspired by meeting my new kindergartener friend, I took the liberty of taking a picture of EOTL this morning so you could see that I was completely serious.  I’ve added it to the original post for your enjoyment – please note how close she stands to me… hahaha what a lady.

All in all, life is moving forward regardless of if I want it to or not.  I can successfully say I’ve broken every cardinal post-breakup rule imaginable and continue to do so.  “Ohhh Sarah, don’t be so hard on yourself – there are no rules for dealing with heartbreak” you say??  A friend of mine actually sent me a comprehensive list of rules she has one file (it’s pretty hilarious and sadly soooo soooo true), and I could confirm that I indeed HAVE broken them all so let me at least claim that victory.

I’ve concluded that Ben F. is the only person that understands being dumped when expecting a proposal and thus the only person that I can associate myself with.  Oh wait… he only knew Ashley for six weeks and word on the street is he’s the new bachelor.  He must be so heartbroken.  (another sign of heartbreak.. when trashy reality tv becomes a part of your life and you get mad about it… embarrassing but true).  Let’s relive the moment and let me feel a little better about myself… haha

In the meantime…  To my favorite frenemies Casey and Vienna (so sweetly referred to as Kermit and Miss Piggy): please don’t get kicked off the Bachelor Pad – as much as I love to hate you, you’re completely necessary for the ratings.

To Ronnie and Sammi: it’s never going to work.  Ever.  But thank you for the insight you give me about relationships; I will use this in my life.

shocking. we know.

And to Tyra, Nigel Barker and Jay Alexander – please bring Jade and Molly Sue back on the ANTM all-stars show.

where's Jade?

And this is what my life has come to… That is all.