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Angels in the Outfield

12 Sep

I’m making this two parts for those of you that just want to be clued in on a hilariously awkward Sarah story.  Yous guys can stop reading at part two where I get a little emotional and preachy, but maybe there are some of you out there that need it as much as I do, so that’s for you 🙂

Part I: Sarah Story

I was in Seattle this week for work and my coworker and I ditched our standard 12 hour day a little early to catch the Astros/Mariners game.  Two teams who are very near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons.  I was wearing my Uncle’s SUBA 61 jersey that his 6’4” bullpen catcher/coach self wore in the early 80’s (read: this thing falls well below my knees and I looked completely ridiculous).

At my request, my coworker purchased tickets ten rows behind the Astros dugout so I could try and catch a glimpse of my main man, Adam Everett.  A few of the players looked back to see the lone Astro fan behind their dugout, swimming in her jersey, but no real acknowledgement.  Until the conclusion of the 4th inning.

The Astros’ players were running in from the field and everyone in our section stood up to try and get one of the balls that the player was going to toss into the stands.  I stood up with my right hand halfheartedly in the air and my left hand at my side holding my beer.  The ball was tossed.  My hand was in the air.


When I say “landed” I mean, it just floated right in there.  I didn’t even MOVE my hand.  I have 200+ people that were nearby and can confirm this story, including my coworker who said “WHAAAT?!?! That seriously all just happened in slow motion!!!”  Everyone started clapping and cheering and I was still standing there in shock with my hand in the air (oddly enough, not the first time this has happened).

After the shock wore off (roughly six [very long] seconds), I looked around and made eye contact with all the cheering/laughing/smiley Mariner’s faces and yelled to everyone “OH MY GOSH I JUST CAUGHT THAT!”

Realizing that everyone was in fact now laughing at my reaction, I immediately sat down and put my head in my hands.

I could not.



My coworker deemed it as an opportune time to make a food run, leaving me there in my lonesome to settle down…which didn’t happen for another two innings.

That hilariously awkward moment gave me a huge realization that I have really needed this past year.

Reinactment Photo

Reenactment Photo

Part II: Much Needed Life Realization

I have been down and discouraged.  I have been needing a major pick-me-up, like… for a while.  I feel I’m approaching the time in life when your bubble is burst and you start seeing all the bad in the world.  It’s my understanding that most people start seeing this post high school, or post college… so I thought I had survived the epidemic that is ‘growing old’ as I have personally stood in the face of tragedy and shared in the tragedies of my close friends.  Allow me to put it in perspective though…  it wasn’t until six months ago that I learned that wine has calories.

I’ve been bopping through life, drinking calorie free wine and I remember very vividly, last June after hearing about the Brazilian soccer match throwing my hands up in the air and calling it quits.  There is no good left in the world.  This world is a terrible place.  Depressing, right??  As someone that avidly follows the news and world events, you can only imagine the downward spiral I have been on this past year.  So many tears shed for the hurt of this world.  For friends who are sick.  For loved ones who have passed.  For broken, broken hearts.  This world is full of sadness and death and fear and quite frankly my small insignificant speck of a heart can’t take anymore.

The worst part is, I know the “fix”

Love God, Love others.

Serve God, Serve others.

Know God, know peace.  No God, No Peace.

It’s all about the company you keep.

WWJD, amirite?!

Ok those are all super corny/cliché phrases, most of which I’ve seen on billboards between Abilene and Dallas, TX.  And to be honest, that’s exactly what they feel like to me right now… “super corn/cliché phrases.”  I know that those phrases, while cliché, have incredible depth and power behind them… but the truth is, I’m just not there yet.

Where I’m at is… when I need a pick-me-up more than ever, God sends a baseball flying into the palm of my hand causing smiles and laughter for myself (2 full innings worth) and the entire section of 139 at Safeco field.  There is good in this world and God giving us glimpses of it every chance He gets.  It’s up to us to create more opportunities for Him.  It’s up to us to love the world in His name.  Here is my tiny little attempt to share smiles and love and brighten a day or two in His name 🙂

Root, root root for the AAAASSSSSSSSSTROS!


The Year of 25….

17 Jun

So I turned 25 a week ago and I have to admit… I’ve been freaking out about it for a while.  Probably since January.  I feel like once you’re 25 you have no excuses for messups… and that you’re officially an adult…. and a messy room is completely unacceptable… and that you’ve now breached the term ‘mid 20’s’ …..  AAAHHH!!!

Let’s go ahead and recap some highlights of my final weeks of 24:

  • microwaving fishsticks for 8 minutes… blowing up the plate, charing the sticks, and filling my ENTIRE apt with smoke for 2 days.  yes, i still eat fish sticks.  Here’s a picture… (and you thought I was joking….)
  • recruiting my new roommate to throw Oreos from our balcony at some jerk that picked a fight with a blind lady on a motorized wheelchair at my T stop.
  • aiding a friend in a few prank phone calls about the rapture in Ireland and free concert tickets..
  • giving the boisterous italian man who was delivering food to our office his own phone number for the order (rather than mine) in front of my entire finance team and him responding “HEEEEY!!!! WE HAVE THE SAME NUMBER!!!” in an oh so italian way.  i thought he was going to hug me.

24 was great… but I should tell you, 25 has been pretty baller.  Highlights of the past week include:

  • NKOTBSB concert at Fenway… where we danced.  And ogled at 40 year old men with better bodies than I could ever dream of having.  Where we used the men’s restroom because of the 30 thousand people there… i would say there were approx 50 guys.. for all of you that are curious, that’s .17%
  • friends.. really awesome friends 🙂
  • totally nailing my review at work
  • flowers on my doorstep, at my office, in my room and in my kitchen (again, AWESOME friends)
  • a special note ❤
  • softball games
  • BOSTON and everything about it… especially a Stanley Cup win. I love seeing the fans so stoked… and just happy people in general!

The first 24 years of life have been a-mazing.  Looking forward to The Year of 25