Google THIS!

4 Nov

I’m seeing everywhere that you have to try – “do a barrel roll” in the Google search box.  I haven’t seen the actual trick yet, but yay Google.  Frankly I’m just upset I found out about the muppet doodle on Google one day too late 😦

One of my favorite bloggers posted the challenge to share your recent Google search history.  You can read her list here, which has inspired me to post my own list (this is me being EXTREMELY vulnerable btw… you try sharing yours!!):

  1. view google search history – I didn’t know how to do this… haha
  2. do a barrel roll
  3. unicorn symbol – had to find out if there was something I was unaware of after my Halloween incident)
  4. hand-foot-mouth disease – It’s a real disease. I was diagnosed by my work mom and apparently there’s an outbreak in Vietnam right now… I caught it… had to look up cures.  You wanna know what the cure is?  Tylenol.)
  5. melon dresses with brown cowboy boots – I’ll be wearing this as a bridesmaid in March for one of my bff’s weddings – had to get a feel for this whole cowboy boot thing 😉
  6. dave ramsey – I was recently sent a friend request by a David Ramsey on Facebook.  If you’re unfamiliar, Dave Ramsey is the finance guru that wrote the book Financial Peace which I guarantee has been offered as a workshop in every church in America.  My first thought was – oh great, DJ’s making up fake profiles again.  Surprisingly myself and David Ramsey have 12 mutual friends, all from ACU so my next thought was – Wow.. I didn’t realize he was an ACU alum.  First the iPhone, then the NFL and NASCAR, now this?? ACU Represent!  Then I thought – Maybe he’s heard that I’m awesome at my job and wants to send me to Africa to help with a micro-lending non-profit (dream job).  Nope. Come to find out through my research, David Ramsey – my new Facebook friend, is just a normal, friendly, older ACU alum that works in finance and is looking to network.
  7. leave it to beaver – I was trying to remember the parents’ names… Ward and June, and every time I read it in my head I say Warn and Jude… haha
  8. satellite images of india during diwali – Mervdawg had me look this up… I’m ready to move to India
  9. emoticons for lotus notes – wanted to one-up my coworkers on awesome emoticons… nerd much?
  10. calories in carrots – don’t judge… I was curious and I’ve been eating a ton of them lately for some reason

Which leads me to something that makes me laugh and has me checking my ‘site stats’ all the time: Search Engine Terms.  For the record, I really have no way of telling who is reading my blog, but this particular stat tells me when someone clicks on my blog from their Google search.  I leave you with the Search Engine Term stat list of how these poor, unsuspecting people end up finding my blog:

highfiverson The top ‘search term’ people use to get to my blog.  Really? Can you not just subscribe??  I’m talking to YOU Mal Pal 😉
ronnie jersey shore haircut italy Still don’t know what this is all about… must have been awesome though
i put the bad in badminton Must be a frequent visitor…
7th grade photo shoot  I want to Google this now…
goldfish race eat  
berries and cream guy YES!!! I’m not the only one that loves that guy!!
where you should be at age 25 Poor, poor souls… you should refine your search
life lessons age 25 The .com makes me laugh… definitely not cool enough to have my own website
eat goldfish Sick people
badminton crazy  ………
awkward stages in life Yup – you found it!
percentage of mid twenty men with messy rooms  Is there really a statistic for this?
run away face in hands I wonder what they were really looking for…?
“live goldfish”  the quotes make me laugh…
nkotbsb concert photos COUNT IT!
casey and vienna update  
life lessons at 25  
badminton face What exactly does a badminton face look like…? nm.  I guess that’s why they googled it…
nkotbsb fenway shirt  
girl eats live goldfish 2011 It was actually in 2008 – get it right
drivers seat lyrics harry potter Could this be HP guy???
what are the awkward stages in life Depends… for me, always
typical little known facts lkfs I just like that they included an acronym LKFS in their search
craig tuck, the leprechaun, maine  there’s ANOTHER Craig the lebrehaun.. in Maine!??! hmm…
rebecca black  
“jersey boys”  
ernst and young times square office Whoops – hope my coworkers aren’t reading this!
+pooped her jeans IT WAS A TYPO! I did NOT poop my jeans… get it right
guy who hands out metro at copley station Someone else is wondering what this guy’s deal is too!

One Response to “Google THIS!”

  1. Cassie Ladd November 8, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    A) If you ever decide to pursue your dream job – count me in as a partner for fundraising or marketing/PR support – I’d love to do that too!! But let’s not stop with Africa, let’s take over the world like a much bigger and cuter Pinkie and the Brain.

    B) You are totally cool enough to have your own website.

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