YouTube – Halloween – Pink Unicorn – Lesbians

2 Nov

Last week I hosted a YouTube night.  What is YouTube night?? Why I’m glad you asked…

We’ve all experienced the YouTube trap where you sit down to show someone a video… that video reminds them of another hilarious video they saw… the pattern continues and next thing you know you’ve spent two hours leaning uncomfortably on your friend’s desk trying to situate your elbows to a comfortable position while watching animal planet specials with British voice overs (a personal fave).

There are other times when an entire group of people will be laughing so hard and muttering out single words between gasps for air, which then causes more laughter and you’re caught smiling politely OR  you just laugh along, pretend to know what is so funny and write yourself a note to ask a college kid about it later…  (I usually go with the latter) In my experience with these situations, 7.4 times out of 10 it’s a YouTube reference.  Example: this summer our entire softball team was calling one of our friends Honeybadger… I just thought they were weird/clever, but alas… YouTube.  And I didn’t  discover this until just last week.  Not as embarrassing though as my coworker who asked me a few weeks ago  “what is the Friday video??”  … WWWOOOOWWWW

So what better way to get up to speed on the latest hilarity and be able to contribute to funny inside jokes than by hosting a YouTube night?  There were a number of contributors and we ended up having over 4 hours of videos!!  If you find yourself wanting to catch up, you can view the playlist here:  Consider yourself cool.


I’ve never been a big Halloween person for a number of reasons.  1. I don’t like being scared  2. Being scared is not fun… I’d rather.. I don’t know, laugh?   3. I’m absolutely terrified of masks and mascots  4. I scare really easily (I was recently startled by a cardboard cutout at a movie theater and reacted by putting my fists up to defend myself… because that’s normal) 5. I try to avoid the unfortunate truth best described in Mean Girls – “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” (not really my thing)

This year I decided to brave the terror of leaving my apartment on Halloween weekend.  Here was the game plan:

  • Choose a house party to go to.  Check.  A friend of ours was having a house party and there was a good crew on the invite list 🙂
  • Find a ride to said house party to avoid the headless zombie on the T who might just in fact be a real life serial killer.  Check.  Mego came over early so we could get ready and drive together.
  • Get a costume.  Check.  I’m not huge on dressing up and costumes in general; Megan however is incredible.  Saturday afternoon as I was watching a movie on my sofa contemplating backing out on my Halloween plans, Megan called and said “Ok I’ll be over at 8.  I have a costume for you.  You can’t back out.”  it’s like she’s a mind reader!!
  • Get Ready.  Go out.  Have fun.  Check, check annnnnd check.

It starts with the costume.  Like I said, Megan is amazing with costumes and great at dressing up… and the girl always looks good doing it; it’s honestly just plain impressive!  She dressed up as Coco Chanel – read: a hot french woman… complete with a slinky black dress, silk scarf, pearls, patterned black tights, red patent leather pumps, a mysterious red hat, and a sexy long old school cigarette smoking stick thing.  She’s so hot.  The costume she has for me??

A unicorn.

Now I will tell you – she gave me other options… but once we pulled out the unicorn hat out, it was a done deal.  Too funny to pass up.  Here’s a pic of the final product:

Important to note – I had to hold my tutu back to keep it out of the flames from the stove top while making mac and cheese for our pregame food…  That’s when you know it’s going to be a good night.

We braved the elements (aka snowstorm in October) and got to our friend’s house.  As we arrived, two of our friends were leaving to head to the bars… we joked around with them for a bit and went our separate ways.  halloween2

We walked into the apartment and of course most people’s costumes consisted of normal clothes, with a few small additions here and there… and what that means is: I was the only one wearing a tutu.  My vote for overall best costume goes to Catie and Naomi – the SunDrop Commercial girl… you know, the one that does the booty bounce while drinking SunDrop soda?? (Don’t worry – I was completely unaware of what this was until YouTube night for the record – impeccable timing!)

We ate, we drank, we were merry and we decided to head out with our friend, a member of the Jabbawockeez from America’s Best Dance Crew.  As we got in the car, we received a text from Pimp and Mr. T requesting our presence at a bar downtown to go dancing.  No problem.  We showed up, the place is a bit of a dive and we totally fit in (finally!!!) and everyone in the entire bar was dancing.  For some reason it’s way more fun dancing as a unicorn – I attribute that to the moves I discovered you can do whilst wearing a tutu 🙂

It was all-around a pretty normal/fun night out until Pimp pulled me aside and said “Sarah – I never thought I’d say this, but you have more women hitting on you tonight than men.”  Wait, what?

I laughed and playfully punched him having no idea what he was talking about until .3 seconds later when a girl came up to dance with me and says “I like your horn.”  I’m sorry.. what?  I start replaying the last hour in my head from when we walked in the door to that moment and realized I had in fact UNKNOWINGLY been receiving a lot of attention from the females – specifically the ones with costumes that involved protrusions from the head and guts spilling out from the neck and abdomen regions.  I’m always on the hunt for cool girls and I like dancing as much as anyone else, so I have no problem goofing around with a new girl friend (clarification: friend that is a girl) but I prefer to keep my hands to myself and would rather joke around than attempt to start an intentional relationship on the dance floor.

The next morning I was sitting on the couch with my roommate, who was unaware of the events that transpired the night before and I blurt out “So is there like some thing with lesbians and unicorns??”  My poor roommates.  My life.  I really did have an awesome time – aside from the attention from the same sex, it’s pretty fun being a pink unicorn!

A couple of my friends went out again Sunday night and wanted me to join.  Being the loser that can’t handle going out on a “school night,” I declined.  Friend’s response:  “Boo, we need the ballerina/unicorn/lesbian.”  Great.

So it’s Monday night and actual Halloween.  The amazing UltiMegan is supplying the costumes (again).  Our text conversation went like this:

Me: What are you going to be?

Mego: Maybe a cowboy… wanna be a fly?

Me: Incredible.  A fly sounds fun, but before I say yes… do lesbians like flies?

Mego: (sends picture of her in a fly costume…) You and Huss can fight over this

Me: Hahaha yeah that’s all Huss – bring that 🙂

Mego: Done.. Do you want to be a boyscout?

Me: Nope.  Let’s stay away from the lesbian costumes shall we?

Lesson learned.  We ended up going as authentic cowgirls – all thanks to Megan (and her dad’s closet!) … I’m telling you – I love this girl (as a friend)

 And I leave you with this: my favorite blog post of all time – favorite Halloween costume of all time – and favorite blog to stalk… hope you don’t mind Schecretary Schiggie Scharah Schparks!!! You’re a schining schtarburth.  BURNT.


4 Responses to “YouTube – Halloween – Pink Unicorn – Lesbians”

  1. Jen November 2, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    So, I actually think I peed my pants a little watching the British Animals Voiceover thing. Oh myyy.


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