Updates! (and insight into what my life has come to)

9 Sep

So I’m enjoying blogging in the nerdiest way – and I could be wrong, but it seems that we’re developing mutual feelings here… of course it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve misjudged that… (I just sincerely hope you don’t stop reading based on a “gut feeling” … nm…) But with over 2,500 views I’d like to say “thanks!” and I’m sorry you’ve been that bored and/or find entertainment in my life!  Haha but let’s be real, for all I know my mom is just logging on every five minutes completely skewing my “number of views.”  Thanks mom.  Regardless, it’s been fun writing these things down… after having a good catchup sesh with Sarah Norte, she suggested I write a “black book blog” and I’m seriously considering it.  More on that later.

Anyways – I thought this would be a good opportunity to provide an update for you on a few of my previous posts:

I am no longer looking forward to The Year of 25 which coincidentally started my blogging phase.  It sucks – bring back 24!! This is largely in part to one of the major life events I’ve endured – relive it here – we all know you want to (seriously… that post has been the most popular according to the site stats… you sick, sick people! haha)

Since my post about the fingerless waitress (click here to read), I have seen more dismembered limbs than I can count.  Am I cursed?  Two people in one week without arms.  A freaking PIGEON missing a foot… walking around on its little nub.  No lie.  A post from my hilarious cousin-in-law experiencing something similar, with a WAY better response to the awkwardness:  We may have started a war with Great Britain (also a great blog if you need extra reading material!)

A week or so after my adventure post, I catch a glimpse of three strangers (separate times and places.. no affiliations) reading that god-awful book (obviously there’s a backstory with that book that I’m choosing not to share).  I swear it’s taken everything inside me to stay off my soapbox in my interactions with them… aaaahhhhhhh

Onto the good: I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time seeing old friends in Seattle a few weeks back while we remembered the 5 year anniversary of my dad’s passing – my own dad memories posted here.  Thanks to everyone at home for being such a great family to me and really just for being present and active in my life 🙂  I feel like I got to clear my head and reset my ‘life’ button ❤ Here’s a picture of the tree we planted at our church as a memorial for my dad:

FEFD Update:  I still have it… BUT I finally got to be reunited with the father/son going to school today and there is now a second son!! Starting kindergarten!!A kindergartener!!! With bed head riding (driving?) a razor scooter!!! YYYYEEESSSS.  Having an extra jolt of inspiration and a kick in my step inspired by meeting my new kindergartener friend, I took the liberty of taking a picture of EOTL this morning so you could see that I was completely serious.  I’ve added it to the original post for your enjoyment – please note how close she stands to me… hahaha what a lady.

All in all, life is moving forward regardless of if I want it to or not.  I can successfully say I’ve broken every cardinal post-breakup rule imaginable and continue to do so.  “Ohhh Sarah, don’t be so hard on yourself – there are no rules for dealing with heartbreak” you say??  A friend of mine actually sent me a comprehensive list of rules she has one file (it’s pretty hilarious and sadly soooo soooo true), and I could confirm that I indeed HAVE broken them all so let me at least claim that victory.

I’ve concluded that Ben F. is the only person that understands being dumped when expecting a proposal and thus the only person that I can associate myself with.  Oh wait… he only knew Ashley for six weeks and word on the street is he’s the new bachelor.  He must be so heartbroken.  (another sign of heartbreak.. when trashy reality tv becomes a part of your life and you get mad about it… embarrassing but true).  Let’s relive the moment and let me feel a little better about myself… haha

In the meantime…  To my favorite frenemies Casey and Vienna (so sweetly referred to as Kermit and Miss Piggy): please don’t get kicked off the Bachelor Pad – as much as I love to hate you, you’re completely necessary for the ratings.

To Ronnie and Sammi: it’s never going to work.  Ever.  But thank you for the insight you give me about relationships; I will use this in my life.

shocking. we know.

And to Tyra, Nigel Barker and Jay Alexander – please bring Jade and Molly Sue back on the ANTM all-stars show.

where's Jade?

And this is what my life has come to… That is all.


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