I put the bad in badminton…

5 Aug

I need to throw it out there:  in 7th grade I joined my junior high’s badminton team.  I don’t really remember why I joined, I just think there weren’t any other fall sports available except soccer (which I had never played) and I wanted to be playing sports year round.  Thus, my badminton phase.  Not to brag, but my friend Yufanyi and I had quite a run for the #1 doubles spot for three years in our district and were pretty much unstoppable.  We also competed against each other weekly for the number one singles spot – throw in Kirsten one of those years too – I think she actually went on to play in college!  Anyways, this badminton phase of mine went on for three years.  You’re welcome for that tidbit into the history of my awkward life ❤

So when my brother went to college he played pranks on a lot of people but no one could seem to get him back to the extent that he got them.  After I came to visit him his freshman year, some of his friends came to realize that the ONLY time they ever saw him upset was when they would talk about me “dude – your sister’s hot” … “hey man – I’m going to take your sister on a date.  And never call her again.”  I can’t say I hated the attention… he had some cute friends!  But I’d be lying if I said it had anything to do with my physical attractiveness. 

Anyways… one day my brother got fed up with his friends bringing me up all the time, so he posted THIS picture on his bedroom door for everyone to see:

Yes world – that is my 7th grade badminton self.

I’m not surprised if you’ve already seen this picture… it’s shown its face a number of times:  DJ’s dorm room.  So Cal Teen Camp as a backdrop to DJ’s lesson in front of 200 people.  Facebook when one year for my birthday DJ posted it and tagged every single one of our mutual friends as a birthday present to me… for those of you that are counting, we have 164 mutual friends.  This picture will never disappear.

I thought I had already endured the worst this picture had to offer – what could be worse?  Oh maybe stumbling across it at WORK in front of my COWORKERS??? Yeah.  That happened today.

One of my coworkers (who I love so much) wanted to see pictures from my trip to Seattle last week, so I was showing her some of them off as we caught up over our morning coffee.  She wanted to hear more about Sam and Jake, so I pulled up Jake’s page and clicked on all the pictures of the two of us (which also include Sam if you know me and Jake at all).  We were scrolling through them and she was commenting how much fun we have and how cute they are, then BAM! Badminton Sarah!  I immeeeeeediately minimized the window and covered my face – she wasn’t having it… she pulled it up and started crying she was laughing so hard.  Now this picture has gone around at my office. 

Why hello 7th grade badminton self – so glad you could join us.


3 Responses to “I put the bad in badminton…”

  1. bridger August 6, 2011 at 12:07 am #

    nothing but love for this picture


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