Cheaping Death.

2 Jul

Jeff is done in South Carolina… WAHOO!!!!  He drove up from SC last weekend so we decided to have a date weekend and meet in NYC.  Love it.  Love us.

I decided to take the bus down to NYC because it’s $15 and well…. I’m cheap.  It’s honestly not too bad… depending on who you sit next to.  I’d say most people are exactly like me – 20 something and $15 is too hard to turn down.  The buses now have power outlets and wifi, so I will generally do crossword puzzles, watch Ally McBeal, or listen to music on my phone.  All options are available depending on who you sit next to (again for emphasis).  I sat next to a 65 year old woman (honestly looked about 40), recently divorced and is using the summer to try and ‘find herself’ … needless to say, I heard some interesting stories for the 4 and a half hour bus ride.  She was definitely a cool lady and I really enjoyed her stories… but 4 and a half hours later, I looked at the weeks worth of Metro crossword puzzles I had collected specifically for my bus trip and saw the one word I filled in.. “POOH” (clue: Piglet’s friend) and I realized I felt a much like the one word I had managed to fill in while she was in the bathroom.  Coincidence?  I digress.

So Jeff and I decided we wanted to go to a show on Broadway.  Neither of us had ever been and that is something you have to do before you die.  We thought about buying tickets ahead, but everything was soooooo expensive (please recall the bus ticket), so I figured I’d give the same day tickets a shot and if it didn’t work out… there’s only 32503452890432 things we could do on a Saturday night in NYC.

The same day tickets I ended up getting were great – Jersey Boys, $80/each!  Not bad for BROADWAY!!!  I guess the theater reserves tickets for friends/family of the performers and if the performers don’t use them, the theater will sell them the day of.  Great deal.  Oh except… they’re on the front row.   The. Front. Row.

What this means is… when the performers come out, the make direct eye contact with you seeing if by chance they know you, or who’s guest you could be.  This is awkward when you go expecting to be a face in the crowd and you become the focus of each of the performers. Speaking of focus, I absolutely lost it.  When they came on stage and they were standing/singing/dancing about 3 feet away from us, I could not stop laughing.  Seriously, head buried in my arms trying to keep it under control.  That, coupled with the obnoxious man two seats down that would yell “OOHHHHHH YEEEAAAAH” at the beginning of every song made for quite the experience.  The performers LOVED us.  At one point (whilst my head was buring in my heads suppressing laughter), Jeff nudged me to stop… “Sarah… Sarah… SERIOUSLY.  They’re looking at you.  You have to stop.”  How embarrassing.  It was a really fun show and have a whole new appreciation for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (great recommendation Uncle Muzzy!)  What does this all mean exactly?? Well here’s a picture for reference (taken from my lap):

After the show, we putzed around Times Square… grabbed some sushi… just kind of experienced the NYC (tourist) environment and decided to grab a cab home.  That was a joke.  Grabbing a cab in Times Square after midnight…. along with thousands of other people looking to do the same thing is not a great idea.  Which leads to another not so great idea….

About 10 minutes went by trying to hail a cab with no luck, when a man in a dark SUV pulls up in front of us, rolls down his window and holds up a sign that says: Car Service.  Jeff will tell you it was made on a piece of notebook paper and written in Crayon, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration… it was a legit looking sign!  The driver asks where we’re going and my southern gene (singular) kicks in and of course tells him the name of our hotel and its cross streets.  Why not, right??  The standard fare should have been at least $40-$50.  His response: $20 Flat Rate.  What a steal of a deal, I thought to myself…. so we get in.  It’s important to note (otherwise Jeff will make sure to tell you), that the thought going through his head was “we’re going to die.”  This thought didn’t cross my mind until we get in and get settled.  I notice this is just a normal SUV… No fare tracker.  No glass separating the front seat from the back with a sliding window.  No mini tv advertising local bars.  No key pad.  Something is wrong here.  I think to myself “We’re going to die.”

The guy drives like an absolute maniac…. he’s weaving in and out of (real) cabs, slamming on breaks, honking, yelling… you get the jist.  All this is fine and well until he decides to leave the flow of traffic and go down a side alley/street.  Jeff and I share a moment that people in love have, where we don’t have to speak and we can read eachother’s thoughts through the look in our eyes… “WE’RE GOING TO DIE!!!!”  I don’t think we were being dramatic at all because of how crazy this guy was… that said, our ride was about 20 minutes long and more eventful than we would have liked… but we made it to our hotel safe and sound!  Lesson learned: I will not be accepting rides from strangers.

Leave it to me to be murdered for accepting a $20 cab fare that should have been at least $40.  Being cheap is going to be the death of me.  Literally.

All in all – great trip to NYC 🙂 Definitely looking forward to having Jeff nearby (Connecticut) for the rest of the summer!


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